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Friday, April 12, 2019

The Best Green Cleaning Company in DC area! Hiring Janitors!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

"Birth Of A Nation" 2016 looks like a must see film for 2016. Once I actually see the film, I will share a review. I hope that it shows a rich African people whose story began long before slavery. I hope it shows the many contributions Africans have added to the birth of the United States of America. Manumission laws that gave Africans their freedom if they aided their capturers in creating inventions. The inventions were not credited to the African. Credit is often given to those who did nothing or definitely were not the brains behind the magic. We see it today. Look at who navigated Christopher Columbus' ship. Columbus didn't. Maybe that's my story to write and put on the big screens and pocket screens. Check out the video from the makers and team I'd the upcoming film. Enjoy and can't wait to discuss this film with you. @blsuccess on Twitter & Instagram

Featurette - Meet the Artists for The Birth of a Nation on TrailerAddict.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

THE BODY LOVE COMPANY - An All Natural Body Care Company

THE BODY LOVE COMPANY opened July 2015 to offer all natural body care products to customers who only want to use the best of what nature has to offer for their skin. Since it started it has been received very well by customers as a really good product that has responded as the label says it will. If you have dry skin and issues that find you scratching your skin then you will LOVE the BODY BUTTERBALMS. They come with essential oils that support a multitude of goals we have for our bodies. There is even an Ohh My Achy Body bath salts for for those who just need to soak and get the kinks out. Go to the website and place and order and find out for yourself. Your skin is your bodies largest organ. That's right I said ORGAN. You have to nourish it properly and use soaps and moisturizers that don't dry your skin or add ANY unnatural ingredients to it. What you put on your skin goes into your skin. Choose well.
Thank you and we look forward to making you something your skin will love. Join our Facebook Page: The Body Love Company Follow Us on Twitter: @thebodyloveco

Thursday, December 10, 2015



Made with CERTIFIED Dead Sea Salts, Myrhh, Geranium, Clary Sage, Vetiver and other 100% pure oils and minerals.

The sea salt and the essential oils used in this batch have properties that will anchor and ground you for meditation. You can place the salts in warm bowl of water to place in your space of meditation. It is also recommended to use in your bath to prepare for meditation an for clarification during meditation.
For the Bath and Spa: pour the desired amount of salt into the water either right before you get in or while you are in. It is best not to add too soon, so you can get the full essence of the essential oils and the salts. 
For the Feet: add feet to the warm water (as hot as you can stand it) and then pour the desired amount of bath salts into the water. Soak for at least 20 minutes. 
For Meditation Space: Add desired amount of bath salts to warm/hot bowl in and place in the meditation space to allow the properties of the oils and salts to energize the space.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rest In Peace Mr. Don Cornelius

Today we are mourning the loss of a talented visionary. Mr. Don Cornelius made us all come together and was instrumental in highlighting many talented artists via The Soul Train. He encouraged us all to get on board! We will miss you Don and may your soul train never stop! Here are some good programs airing on BET and Centric in his memory:

BET Programming Lineup
Wednesday, Feb. 1
5 p.m.: "106 & PARK" Special Episode

Thursday, Feb. 2
7 p.m.: "SOUL TRAIN AWARDS 2011"

CENTRIC Programming Lineup
Wednesday, Feb. 1
11 p.m.: 24-hour "SOUL TRAIN" marathon

Thursday, Feb. 2
24-hour "SOUL TRAIN" marathon continues.

Friday, Feb. 3
8 p.m.: "SOUL TRAIN AWARDS 2011"

Saturday, Feb. 4
9 a.m.: 12-hour "SOUL TRAIN" marathon
9 p.m.: "SOUL TRAIN AWARDS 2010"

Sunday, Feb. 5
8 a.m.: 12-hour "SOUL TRAIN" marathon

The network have more on Don Cornelius at and All times above are Central.

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